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Non-alcoholic summer punch

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Fruity refreshing punch for hot summer days without alcohol

Together with the sister duo from the Tauber Valley Annalena and Johanna from @HeyFoodsister this recipe was created.

Inspired by our Poetry in Glass® childhood heroes

When summer is in full swing, lots of sunshine and high temperatures dominate everyday life. Shady places are in great demand and any cool refreshment is welcome.

The mouse, the elephant and the duck are facing a hot, exciting summer, too. To give the three friends and you a little, delicious cooling, we have prepared a refreshing summer punch. Alcohol-free, of course, so even the littlest ones can enjoy a glass of it.

Non-alcoholic summer punch


  • ½ Galia melon

  • ½ canary lemon

  • 3 limes

  • 125 g raspberries

  • 6 stems of mint

  • 1 l lemonade

  • 1 l sparkling water

  • Ice cubes


After only a few steps you can already enjoy the first glass.

  1. Cut small melon balls from each of the two melons using a teaspoon.

  2. Cut one lime into slices, squeeze the other two. Wash and sort the raspberries, pluck the leaves from the mint.

  3. Put everything together with plenty of ice cubes in a large glass bowl, fill up with lemonade and sparkling water.

You are also welcome to download the recipe as a PDF file.

Download PDF • 4.34MB

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